Carl Bensheimer

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Carl Bensheimer is the second son of August Bensheimer, a theologian/historian and of Heidrun Bensheimer, born Hilsdorf, a Pianist.
The family history is closely connected to the city of Bingen. In fact some citizens of Bingen believe the Bensheimers have been there before the city itself and invited the celtics to settle there in the first place.
The family holds shares in the Bingen wine-estate community, a union of family yards of the area to form an economical reasonably sized wine estate. Another part of the family owns shares in a wine harvesting machine production and has exclusive rights to supply all the harvesting machines to Bingen.

Without being busy with harvesting grapes anymore, the family trailed off somewhat and pursued personal satisfaction in other professions. Carl’s younger brother went to the University of Pennsylvania to study and settled there. His younger sister studied biology only to spent most of her time on rubber dinghies of some environmental protection groups chasing whale hunters.

Carl picked a more boring path and pursued the family traditions and the wine business. With a semi-professional management degree and some luck Carl managed to opened a wine shop in Aachen where one can find the best selection of Rhineland wines in Europe or so he says.

Carl Bensheimer

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