Betty Blake


No one could really tell what age Betty Blake is from just looking at her. Not only have several parts of her been plucked and tucked and stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey, but her natural appearance or what may be left of it is usually concealed by several layers of make up, blond hair dye and outfits that display a lot of white, blue, red and sparkle.
So blue eyed and smiling most of the time Betty is the picture of an all American girl that refused to become a grown woman.

High Concept
Other Aspects

Some things are so awful – they are almost adorable again. Betty Blake, born Bettina Johanns, most likely falls into that category. In her younger years Betty was heavily influenced by the U.S. military presence in Germany and inhaled the culture to a ridicolous degree. Longing to become a part of what she admired, the pretty girl used her undebatable existing talent to built up a career as a country singer. It has to be mentioned that unlike many others she was indeed successful in her attempt, becoming a popular artist among U.S. soldiers and German residents alike.

But time stops for no one and so by now, even though Betty still earns a comfortable living through her music, she is seen by man less as a star and more as a comical figure. Her efforts to maintain a flawless appearance surely did not help her case, as rumor has it that she is only a few cosmetic surgeries away from beeing more fake then real. And almost as if she knows how people perceive her and embraces it in some sort even her outfits and make up are over the top, displaying an all American, sugar coated, sparkly way of life in high heels.

Betty Blake has besides her career and her uncommon appearance maintained a relatively uneventful lifestyle, beeing a resident of Aachen for more then a decade and an active member of the church community.She has been spotted at the church service many times and engaged in several welfare projects.
There are nor reports about her family – in fact she has none to really speak of. Being in her late forties by now, after her parents passed away all that remained were distant relatives. So rumor has it, the person closest to Betty by now is the barkeeper at her favorite restaurant.

Betty Blake

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